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Premium Cold and Flu Support
From Natural Factors

As fall approaches, people start to think about the inevitable upcoming cold and flu season. To ward off the unescapable sniffles or worse, we’ll dress more warmly, talk up the need to wash our hands more often, and refresh our cold-weather staple supplements such as vitamins C and D.

In the last couple of years, these preparations have taken on new meaning. We are all more aware than ever about the importance of building our immune systems and keeping them healthy. We have become more diligent before, during, and even once the cold and flu season is behind us. Many are also giving more thought to supplements that are helpful in post-illness recovery.

Natural Factors is adopting this protection, relief, and recovery approach to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible this season and throughout the year. We have created a toolkit of the best supplements to help you navigate all the stages of the cold and flu season.

From Vitamin C for both prevention and recovery; SunVitamin D3, in either 1000 IU or the most allowable dosage in one softgel, 2500 IU, for immune protection and recovery; probiotics to help your gut flora and healthy bacteria protect your digestive system as it supports your immune system; ECHINAMIDE®, the most potent form of echinacea helping lessen your symptoms should you get sick; Oil of Oregano, which helps your body before and during a cold; to the soothing relief of Zinc Lozenges in great-tasting Honey Blossom or Cherry flavours – we’ve got you covered, just like your favourite blanket.





We take your immunity seriously, which is why this toolkit has everything you need to protect yourself ahead of time and feel better faster when you’re under the weather.

To that end, Natural Factors products are of the highest quality, formulated with care and a commitment to provide you with the best and purest forms of vitamins and minerals. The plants grown at Factors Farms®, located in the Okanagan Valley of BC, are tended lovingly with you and health and your family’s health in mind. Wherever possible, we use ingredients from our farms, and in all cases, our raw materials are sourced from like-minded partners who share the same standards: that care for the land and our customers is paramount.

Once harvested, the very best raw materials go into manufacturing. All along the way, the products are tested to ensure they’re the best for you. The testing is done by ISURA®, Canada’s only independent, not-for-profit organization for natural health supplement- and food product verification and certification. ISURA rigorously analyzes natural health products for a wide range of potential contaminants – over 700 of them – including GMOs (genetically modified organisms). They also ensure the products are pure, contaminant- and adulterant-free, entirely authentic, and accurately labelled.

Article by: Natural Factors

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